Uthalion was a human fighter and former mercenary who lived in the Spur Forest with his killoren friend Vaasurri. Uth was something of a naturalist and enjoyed sketching plants in a notebook. He was best known for destroying The Choir cult.[1]


Uthalion was a mercenary who had retired to Airspur in Akanûl with his wife and child. He left his family in 1473 DR to fight for the Keepers of the Cerulean Sign in their campaign against the Aboleth Sovereignty. Uth's company was wiped out by the aboleths at the village of Caidris.[1]

After the battle, Uth moved to the Spur Forest, where he lived in a grove with a killoren named Vaasurri. In 1479 DR, an old half-elf friend from his military days named Brindani sought Uthalion's aid as a guide through the Mere-That-Was region of Akanûl on a mission to rescue a genasi from The Choir.[1]

Uthalion and Vaasurri traveled with Brindani and the genasi's twin sister, Ghaelya, to Tohrepur where they confronted The Choir's leader, Lord Khault and slew him. Ghaelya's twin was so corrupted by a plaguechanged sirine that she slew her sister to end her suffering.[1]


Uth wore leather armor and had an enchanted silver ring he looted from Tohrepur. The ring allowed him to go for days without sleep, a property he found very useful as it let him avoid the nightmares that haunted his sleep.[1]


Uthalion was tall and was described as neither handsome nor ugly with a rough, worn face.[1]


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