The Uthgardt is a collective term used to refer to various human barbarian tribes who worship the deity Uthgar. Each tribe is named after a beast totem of Uthgar who mediates between the deity and his people.[2] The Uthgardt are humans, often with black hair and blue eyes.[3] They speak a dialect of Illuskan and are believed to be related to the Northlanders of Ruathym.[3] No Uthgardt will willingly cut down a living tree.[3]

Beast Totem TribesEdit


The Uthgardt originally consisted of Northman raiders from Ruathym, Netherese Runlathan refugees, and various others who swore fealty to Uthgar Gardolfsson. They became the Uthgardt after their leader's death from wounds suffered in battle with Gurt, lord of the pale giants, in 123 DR. Individuals took up worship of the thirteen beast spirits that Uthgar had claimed to have tamed, and formed into tribes along this religious divide.

Uthgardt AllianceEdit

In 705 DR the mages of The Covenant used their magic to create an alliance between the disparate tribes of Uthgardt in order for them to stand united against coming orc and goblinoid hordes. The mages tasked them first with hunting down and killing orc chieftains to prevent hordes forming behind them. Their first major engagement was during the Goblin Wars of 753 DR. Then, while fighting an army of ogres, orcs and goblins in the Evermoors, the Elk tribe was almost wiped out defending Flintrock and the survivors descended into banditry. The alliance dissolved in 802 DR when it could no longer sustain the losses that it was taking.


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