Uthraki were malevolent forest spirits in Rashemen.[1]


The natural form of an uthraki was apelike, hairy, and gray-white. Its small face was humanlike, but a dozen black eyes went all the way around the creature's head. The uthraki was able to shapechange at will to any creature of about the same size or somewhat smaller. At night, an uthraki was able to heal exceptionally fast.[1]

Uthraki were known for taking the form of human children and seeking aid from other humans before devouring them.[1] They were also known for taking the form of rabbits; such forms were indistinguishable from normal rabbits except by magic.[2]


An uthraki used its tough, sharp claws to cut and rend its opponent. Those claws remained sharp and tough even while the uthraki was shapechanged.[1]


Uthraki dwelt either in pairs or alone in the wooded and hilly areas of Rashemen, far from the hathran that killed them on sight.[1]



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