Utterdark, or "black Bogbrook water" as it was known colloquially, was a wine made and sold in the town of Bogbrook in Cormyr in the 14th century DR.[1][2]


Utterdark was described as a black wine rather than a red for its incredibly dark coloration. It had a raw, fiery, and almost salty flavor, but was a potent liquor.[1][2] Distinctly an acquired taste, it was not a popular wine, though those who enjoyed it did so immensely.[1]

It was sold in ceramic bottles.[1]


The wine was made by a number of families in Bogbrook using a secret process and secret ingredients that were closely guarded by them. These usually included the juice of berries that grew on their lands and various spices like crushed mustard seed, giving them distinct flavors. Each family had its own unique recipe and vintages they held to be the best. The vintages made by the Jhalonsons and Ittreers were highly regarded by utterdark fanciers, while the Athantals sold one with a recently rediscovered combination of seasonings that was quickly growing in popularity around 1367 DR.[1]


Fans of utterdark could be found in numbers in Sembia and Westgate, further afield in Amn and Chessenta, and even as far away as Waterdeep. It was often used as a marinade to hide the taste of spoiled food, so, along with its potency, it was popular with many ship's quartermasters on the Inner Sea. Chefs of large kitchens could also make use of it.[1]

Utterdark was the thing that humble Bogbrook was known for. Utterdark wine was sold at the village's own Utter Inn.[1]


Utterdark was a common trade commodity for travelers heading out of Cormyr,[1] as a bottle was worth 2 gold pieces in Sembia[2][1] and up to 6 gold pieces in Waterdeep, compared to the 1 gold piece it was sold for in Bogbrook. Traders typically filled a chest or strongbox with bottles wrapped in blankets to prevent breakage.[1]


In the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, the smugglers Norry Waywocket and Coobert Draftworth had twenty bottles of stolen utterdark minted in 1370 DR. They stored these in their secret stash in the Tomb of Chonis in Cormyr.[2]



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