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Utterdark was a wine made in the town of Bogbrook in Cormyr.

Utterdark, or "black Bogbrook water" as it was known colloquially, was described as a black wine rather than a red due to its incredibly dark colouration. Made using a secret process, it tasted salty with a fiery undertone. It was not a popular wine amongst many, though those who enjoyed it did so immensely, leading to it being sold in ports throughout the Inner Sea as well as in Amn and Waterdeep. It was often used as a marinade to hide the taste of spoiled food.

Various spices were often added to the drink during its creation by individual Bogbrook families in an attempt to make it better and the concoctions made by three of those families, the Jhalonsons, Ittreers and especially the Athantals were generally more popular than the norm.

It was a common trade commodity for traders heading west out of Cormyr as it was worth 6 gold pieces in Waterdeep compared to the 1 gold piece it was sold at per jar in Bogbrook.

Bottles of 1370 utterdark were worth two gold pieces each in Sembia in 1374 DR.[1]


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