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Uwan has served as the leader of the Shadar-kai city of Ikemmu in the Shadowfell for twenty years. He is a mighty warrior and strong leader. Uwan has an extremely strong sense of justice and adheres rigorously to the law of Ikemmu. Uwan is a devout follwer of Tempus and was a close confidant of Tempus' high priest in Ikemmu (Natan) prior to his murder by Vedoran.[1]

Uwan took a young Shadar-kai named Ashok into the city and had him trained with Ikemmu's warriors. Uwan later sent Ashok on a mission to find a missing Ikemmu expedition in the Shadowfell. Ashok was successful in rescuing the witch Ilvani who was held captive by his home enclave but was framed by Vedoran as a traitor to Ikemmu. Because of the evidence against Ashok, Uwan was forced to find him guilty and sentenced Ashok to ten days of solitary confinement. During Ashok's imprisonment, Uwan went to visit Ashok in his cell but was ambushed by Vedoran who intended to kill both Uwan and Ashok with the intent of starting a revolt in Ikemmu. Uwan was gravely injured during the fight but Ashok managed to kill Vedoran.[1]


Uwan carries a greatsword and wears shadow armor.[1]


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