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Uzbeg was a village near the Lake of Mists in the Hordelands between Kara-Tur and Faerûn.[1]


The village was located along the Golden Way which connected the continents of Kara-Tur and Faerûn. Uzbeg was the only residential in stop in the Hordelands.[1]


In 1479 DR, the population of Uzbeg was five hundred humans who made a living fishing in the Lake of Mists and trading goods.[1]


During the Spellplague, Uzbeg was settled by Raumvirans with aid from merchants from Thesk to be a trade route along the Golden Way.[1]

Notable locationsEdit

Uzbeg had four caravanserais, which were like inns but under the sway of eastern and migrant cultures. These caravanserais included stables, inns, shops, warehouses, and were like a small trade city.[1]



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