Valdar Jaelre was a drow priest of Vhaeraun in 1375 DR.[1]


Valdar was a priest from House Jaelre born when his house was still in Menzoberranzan.[1]

Valdar was one of the nightshadows who joined Malvag's plot.[1]

Valdar attacked a Eilistraee's shrine, claiming a soul of a priestess. Later he went to Malvag in the designed location to cast the spell to allowed Vhaeraun to enter in the Eilistraee's domain undetected.[1]

After Malvag summoned his loyal Szorak, Urz and Valdar to the designed place to cast the spell but instead of Szorak arrived Q'arlynd Melarn in disguise that managed to kill Urz before to be killed, ruining the rite that needed three spellcasters to act.[1]

Resurrecting and forcing Q'arlynd to cooperate Malvag and Valdar casted the spell successfully. However just after he with his great surprise can cast moonfine.[1]

Thank to the resurrection of Urz they had the answer: Eilistraee killed Vhaeraun and claimed his portfolio. Valdar was devastated by the news and fled.[1]

Valdar in 1376 DR refuged in Guallidurth in Underdark, and come to believe that Vhaeraun succeeded in his plan but deceived all claiming to be instead defeated. There however he was found by Kâras, a former nightshadow that had joined the Church of Eilistraee, that had orders to kill Valdar. Valdar however convinced Kâras of his idea and the latter decided to spare Valdar for the moment.[2]

In 1379 DR he went in Llurth Dreir and saved Kâras's life from the fanatic Molvayas. In truth Valdar also had apparently joined the Church of Eilistraee and he and Kâras were in mission to investigate about Ghaunadaur's followers.[3]

During the assault of the Ghaunadaur's followers to the Promenade Valdar explained to Kâras that his plan was manipulate Ghaunadaur in destroying all drow. Understanding he was insane Kâras managed to kill him but only sacrificing himself.[4]





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