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Valkur (pronounced val-KURR [3]), the Captain of the Waves, was the exarch of sailors,[2] ships, favorable winds, and naval combat.

Worshipers Edit


The church of Valkur was loosely organized. Many clerics served as captains or sailors aboard ships and they usually met each other only if they happened to serve on the same ship or be in the same port. The clergy was known for helping sailors who were down on their luck.[3]

Holy DaysEdit

Valkur's church celebrated only one holy day known as the Shattering. The exact date of the festival varied but it was always celebrated in the spring. The purpose of the festival was to celebrate the breaking up of ice floes in the north which marked the beginning of the sailing season.[3]

Relationships Edit

Valkur's philosophy often put him in conflict with the capricious ocean-goddess Umberlee and he was a sworn enemy of the Deities of Fury. He was friendly with Selûne who guided sailors across the sea.[3]

History Edit

It was believed that Valkur may have once been a mortal sailor who challenged Umberlee and won.[3]

Notes Edit

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Sources Edit

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