The Valley of Nexal was once the center of the mighty maztican empire and more than one million humans inhabited the cities and the center city Nexal on the island of the central lake itself. After the Night of Wailing the valley became a wasteland full with monsters and evil humans. The mount Zatal still errupted smoke and ash which coated the valley and made it impossible to farm the land. Sometimes the vulcano also errupted lava from his peak or out of his western flank.[1]


The monsters were once humans but then were corrupted into becoming orcs, oger and trolls. Some of them were unique beings and the leaders. Once those more powerfull monsters have been the priests of Zaltec. The most mightiest of all beings after the destruction was still the patriarch of the evil god Zaltec. Hoxitl was corrupted into a being of the lower planes but could still use all of his clerical might and spells. He was the leader of the monster army and ruled still as the highest priest of Zaltec from his temple-pyramid in the center of the destroyed city Nexal.[1]

There were also some humans living in the valley but only at the ruined cities at the coast of the lake. They earned they lives through the selling of other human slaves to the monsters who needed them for the nightly sacrifices to their bloodthirsty god.[1]



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