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A vampiric dragon is a type of undead dragon created when another vampiric dragon fully drains the life energy from a living dragon. They desire only evil and death, and are fond of spreading tales of their treasure to lure unwitting adventurers to feed upon.

Vampiric dragons share many traits with non-draconic vampires: they sustain themselves by feeding on the blood of living creatures, the cast neither shadows nor reflections, and they can turn themselves to mist. While normal vampires are anchored to their coffins, a vampiric dragon is anchored to its hoard. Vampiric dragons are also capable of creating vampire spawn from the victims of their blood drain or Energy Drain abilities; if the victim is an adult dragon, it rises as another vampiric dragon within a matter of days (younger dragons instead rise as mindless zombie dragons).

Like other vampires, vampiric dragons have a weakness to sunlight. Unlike ordinary vampires, however, vampiric dragons can survive exposure to direct sunlight for a time; they are instead weakened and slowed, though if they do not quickly find shelter they will be destroyed. Vampiric dragons can also be destroyed by a stake through the heart, though their immense size requires a very big stake.

Unlike other vampires, vampiric dragons suffer no ill effects from crossing or being immersed in running water, nor are they repelled by garlic or mirrors. Though they still cannot enter a home without an invitation, there is nothing stopping them from simply destroying the home and picking through the ruins for treasure or prey.

Known vampiric dragonsEdit


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