The Vankila Slab is prison in the sky. Built by a joint effort of the Houses of Amn, it had been constructed on a barren mote, a massive slab of earth floating above Murandinn. The ogres who were charged with running the prison were given enough gold and slave labor to construct four sky-scraping round towers connected by raised walkways. Without anything except the sky to offer perspective, the towers looked taller than they were. Originally, the Vankila Slab housed spellcasters who had defied Amn's ban on using magic or members of well-connected families who had fallen out of favor with Amn's ruling houses. But within ten years of building the prison, the political sensibilities in Amn shifted, and the Vankila Slab fell into the hands of a single faction that had its fingers deep in the murky politics of both Amn and Tethyr. Soon the prison became a mercenary operation that took the most dangerous criminals off the hands of the law and political prisoners off anyone who would pay. The wardens of the Vankila Slab discovered that the floating mote under their prison was filled with gemstones, and with an endless supply of free labor at their disposal they began to unearth the unexpected riches. From then on, the prisoners spent their days mining the gems with hand tools, spoons or their bloody fingernails. After a few years the gems were mostly mined out, but the overseers didn't want idle prisoners, so they kept them digging. On average, a prisoner came across a gem once a month, which earned them a hunk of meat with their gruel and little else but an early death from constant work in the scorching open ground known as the turf. High above The Vankila Slab hangs another mote known only as the Sky Tomb. Home to mages and warlocks that practice a particular field of theory that will interest the wardens of the Slab for future prisoner use.

The Sky Tomb is also home to the mage The Practitioner whose experiments are legendary.

The Vankila slab is also home to some of the more notorious namely Amhar, Scourge of Tethyr, and Mencelas the Reaper.

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