Vanquisher was a title used by a dragonborn ruler of Tymanther, equivalent to both a monarch and a general. The Vanquisher were also the leaders of the Adjudicators.[1] A Vanquisher governed for a period of ten years, after which a new Vanquisher was elected.[2]

The Vanquisher was always a dragonborn who had been determined to be fit to rule by rising in rank over a period of twenty years in the military forces.[2] Dragonborn who became the patriarchs or matriarchs of a clan lose their right to be elegible as the Vanquisher.[3]

Although Thymari rarely chose to became spellcasters,[4] the Vanquisher had a few dragonborn spellcasters under his or her direct command.[5]

Vanquishers used piercings different to those of the clans of Thymari society. Theirs were square bits of gold under their eyes like teardrops.[6]


Tarhun was the Vanquisher of Tymanther in 1479 DR,[2] and until his death in 1486 DR.[7] Before him, Ophinshtalajiir Shaushka held the position of Vanquisher.[3]

As Tarhun was killed before its mandate ended, and the need of a new Vanquisher became urgent when Gilgeam began to led the Untherite forces against Tymanther, Yrjixtilex Kallan was elected as the interim Vanquisher until the next official elections, that were expected to be held in Kythorn of 1488 DR.[6]


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