Vanquo was a mind flayer in the Vast region.[1]


Its main goal was to acquire artifacts from the Elemental Plane of Earth.[2]


One day, Vanquo discovered that the Turning Key adventuring party had found one of the artifacts it needed. In a case of destiny, Adera Moonfist, a descendant of a member of the Turning Key, also dreamed of rediscovering that treasure.

In 1491 DR, Adera agreed to meet Vanquo but he quickly subdued her and absorbed all the information from her, replacing her brain with an intellect devourer. Later, Vanquo sent the new "Adera Moonfist" to the Flooded Forest to find the treasure. His plan was ruined, however, by an adventuring party hired to clear the area of bandits, which were secretly led by "Adera". The adventurers confronted and killed the intellect devourer.[2]




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