Vaprak (pronounced: /ˈvæprækVÆP-ræk[2]) was a lesser deity and the patron deity of ogres.[3] Othea, mother of giants, had an affair with him, which led to the birth of the ogre race. Vaprak was located in the Abyss on the layer of Shatterstone.[1]


Vaprak appeared to be the unholy fusion of both troll and ogre, combining the worst characteristics of both races. He had mottled greenish brown skin.[4]


Ogres and trolls worshiped Vaprak.[citation needed]

Occasionally, a frost giant would turn to worship of Vaprak in exchange for physical prowess, in a ritual that involved devouring a willing troll sent by Vaprak. This process transformed the few who persevered into an everlasting one, gaining enhanced strength and regenerative qualities as a result, although they attempted to hide such oddities. [5]



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