Varscona was a magical longsword associated with the worship of Shar.[1]


The sword had a golden hilt with an intricate design, ornamented with a red gemstone. The blade itself was a dull gray, except for the lower part which was decorated in gold matching the hilt.[1]


Varscona was a +2 longsword that inflicted magical cold damage on its targets.[1]


Originally, Varscona belonged to a type of swords used by the clergy of Shar for ritual sacrifice during the Feast of the Moon. According to legend, the original wielder of Varscona died and was mummified with the blade inside her chest. This was done as part of a mysterious ritual, intended to culminate in her rebirth the following season. However, religious strife led to the death of everyone aware of the ritual, thereby trapping Varscona's wielder in death. Over hundreds of years, the sword was steeped in the insane, undying rage of its owner, which only served to make it more powerful. When the grave was eventually found, it was empty save for the sword, with some speculating that the sword and owner had become one.[1]

As of 1368 DR, Varscona was carried by the bounty hunter Greywolf.[1]



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