Prince Vattick Tanthul was a male shade human of Thultanthar, the City of Shade.[1]


He was the twin brother of Prince Mattick Tanthul. He was 2 minutes younger than his brother. Both had black hairs and eyes and were perfect replicas of one another—only their parents could distinguish one from the other. Mattick and Vattick used this to perpetrate innumerable conspiracies and jokes, some benign and others much less so, on the royal household since their early childhood. They were inseparable and were rarely found at great distance from one another. Mattick and Vattick divided their time between research at the academy of alchemy and helping Brennus Tanthul seek out clues to the locations of old Netherese sites.[2]


In 1487 DR, Vattick was killed by Dove Falconhand.[2]


Mattick and Vattick sided with Brennus and Hadrhune in supporting the swift destruction of all threats to Shade's rule.[citation needed]

Prince Vattick's personal sigil was a pair of interlocking silver rings, outlined in purple on a charcoal gray field.[citation needed]



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