Velcuthimmorhar (also known as Hephaestus) was a red wyrm living in the mountains west of Mirabar, where he has resided for longer than even the dwarves can remember. The name "Hephaestus" was given to the dragon in reference to some obscure god of blacksmiths. He earned his considerable pay by melting ores for merchants.[3]

The dragon was lazy, somewhat stupid and was overly proud. He describes himself as Destroyer of Cockleby, Devourer of Ten Thousand Cattle, He Who Crushed Anga Lander the Stupid Silver. He was able to speak the common tongue, but was not very perceptive when presented with duplicity. Drizzt Do'Urden once passed by Hephaestus claiming to be Mergandevinasander of Chult (an old black dragon known to Hephaestus) and claimed that his lavender eyes, a trait shared between the two, proved it.[4]


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