The Velvet Hands were a thieves' guild in Hastarl in the ancient kingdom of Athalantar, formed by the thief Farl and his best friend, the young Elminster Aumar.


In the years between 224 DR and 229 DR, Elminster, under the alias "Eladar the Dark", and Farl were two of the most notorious thieves of Hastarl. In 229 DR, however, a powerful thieves' guild, called the Moonclaw, emerged. In response, Farl and El with some others, Jhardin, Rheagar, Chasarla, Tarth, Naneetha, and Tassabra, formed the gang dubbed the Velvet Hands in opposition. The name was inspired by the velvet hands of Naneetha.

Soon after, however, El decided to leave the kingdom to fulfill his destiny and said goodbye to Farl.

In the years after, the Velvet Hands prospered under the guidance of Farl, together with Tassabra. They also destroyed the Moonclaw, who were discovered to be servants of the magelords.

In 240 DR, the members of the Velvet Hands under Farl helped in Elminster's insurrection against the magelords.[1]


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