Vendes Baenre, also named Duk-Tak, a name meaning "Unholy Executioner",[2] was one of Yvonnel Baenre's daughters and also a priestess of Lolth. She was master tormentress of the Baenre compound; her nickname was because of this "job".[3]


Vendes Baenre tortured Drizzt when he returned to Menzoberranzan and was captured by House Baenre. Later, she was killed by Drizzt when Cattie-brie and Artemis Entreri rescued him from the Baenre compound[3] in 1357 DR.[4]

Personality & ActivitiesEdit

Vendes was so uncontrollably volatile that Matron Baenre did not gave her a room in the highest tier of the Baenre stalagmite. However, the old Matron Baenre had some use for her daughter. If there was a problem with a lower ranking drow, she sent Vendes to mete out her punishment. Vendes wielded a seven-headed whip of fangs that transformed the skin of the victims into ebony. The old Matron deposited the resulting statues in a room for future sale. She let her daughter also punish priestesses in Arach-Tinilith. If a would-be priestess was seen, or even thought to be, deviating from the Way of Lolth, Vendes came into action. Ebony statues of such a drow were put on display in front of Arach-Tinilith for all to see, for a period of one year.[2]

Vendes's "statues" of drow were prized by the elite of Gracklstugh, although after her death several statues mysteriously came to life and attacked their owners.[4]


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