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The Vengeance Knights are an elite group of fighters who have pledged to serve the Knights of the Shield, a group of politicians and merchants with considerable influence in many governments along the Sword Coast. The Knight's purpose is to force the organizations enemies into compliance.[1]

Vengeance Knights prefer to wear heavy plated armor. They usually also wear a full helm or just cover their armor with symbols.

Fighters, Blackguards, and ex-Paladins (with their heavy armor), are usually recruited to become Vengeance Knights.[1]

Abilities Edit

Armor Training
Heavy armor can be worn more efficiently. And Vengeance Knights always wear the heaviest armor available.[1]
Bringer of Vengeance
A Vengeance Knight is skilled in finding and intimidating a specific individual who has wronged the Knights of the Shield.[1]
When a Vengeance Knight is hurt in combat, he becomes capable of improving his chances of harming his enemy.[1]
Arcane Backslash
If a Vengeance Knight is able to overcome the affects of an arcane spell, he is able to reflect back at the caster.[1]

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Notes Edit

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