Verblen was the Slave Lord of Zhentil Keep and an important member of the Zhentarim.[1]


Verblen grew up on the streets of Zhentil Keep, always in fear of the slavers that wandered the keep at nights. Soon, Verblen decided that the best option for him was to join the slavers and quickly rose through the ranks.[1]

He was, by 1370 DR, one of the most trusted agents of the previous Slave Lord, Marsh Belwintle.[2]

Afterward, he replaced Marsh as Slave Lord.[1]


Verblen loved his work and was a loyal supporter of Fzoul Chembryl. However, although he was devoted to Bane like all in the modern Zhentarim, he also worshiped Loviatar. The goddess was more suited to his depraved and vicious nature. He sometimes wished his job was less administrative.[1]



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