Verdant Lord is a special class on Faerûn. Its members are people who have dedicated their lives to the understanding and well-being of all plant life. Being skilled in herbalism and wilderness lore, most verdant lords live apart from civilization, often within very lush groves. Verdant lords are generally patient and retiring in nature; however, if somebody threatens plants or carelessly waves fire around they become enraged very quickly. Few of them travel, but those who do, tend to do so in the company of treants.

Verdant lords are almost always elven or half-elven druids, as their long lifespan allows them to appreciate the trees and forests they care for. Occasionally, a druid of another race or a ranger may follow this calling, along with clerics of either of one of the nature deities. Other people tend to lack the knowledge of plant life and commitment to nature required of a verdant lord.

Verdant Lord AbilitiesEdit

Gaea's Embrace
High level verdant lords lord experience a changing of racial type to that of a plant creature. This grants immunity to sleep effects, poison, paralysis, stunning, polymorphing against their will, mind-control and the gaining of low-light vision.

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The Order of the Verdant Grove is an association of druids and verdant lords who share information about nature with each other.