Vergadain, also known as The Laughing Dwarf by non-dwarves, is the neutral dwarven deity of luck, trickery, negotiation and wealth and an exarch of Moradin.[1] While it seems that Vergadain represents the dwarves' well-known dedication to the mercantile art of bargaining, those who know better are aware that he has an aspect that seldom fills the more legal-minded dwarves with pride. As such Vergadain also watches over those dwarves who use less-than-legal means to gain wealth. Regardless of how he is viewed, Vergadain delights in the art of the deal, no matter what it is, so long as it turns a profit.[citation needed]


Few admit to following Vergadain in knowledgeable society, but those who do are known as Hurndor or "those who trade". The Hurndor are dedicated to furthering dwarven commerce, traveling Faerûn farther than the priests of any member of the Morndinsamman with the exception of Marthammor Duin.[citation needed]Clerics of Vergadain are expected to be personally wealthy, while also ensuring that some of their wealth is dedicated to keeping the local temple filled with treasure. Holy days of Vergadain's faith are known as coin festivals (also jokingly referred to as trademeets by humans), marking a period of immense mercantile activity. These occur on the days before and after a full moon, on Greengrass and on any day declared favorable by the Merchant Prince.[citation needed]


Vergadain is very popular among the Morndinsamman, while sharing a particularly strong friendship with Dugmaren Brightmantle, as they share an interest in mischief. He also occasionally partners with Abbathor, a relationship that they both would describe a "business arrangement". After traveling throughout Faerûn, Vergadain has also gained many allies among the non-dwarf mercantine deities.[citation needed]


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