A Vermin Keeper is a prestige class of the Underdark. Whether formerly from the Realms of Above (as the lands of Faerûn are called in the Underdark) or life long denizens of the dark places, Vermin Keepers have mastered the control of vermin creatures. Insects, spiders, scorpions, worms all are subject to the orders of the Vermin Keeper. Unlike the Arachnomancer, Vermin Keepers do not necessarily worship or even enjoy the presence of vermin; mastery of what one fears drives a number of these druidic spellcasters to this discipline.

Abilities Edit

Vermin Form
A Vermin Keeper always takes the shape of a vermin creature instead of the typical forms a druid takes when shapeshifting. The form of the vermin changes as the Vermin Keeper becomes more powerful.
Vermin Companion
A Vermin Keeper picks a vermin instead of a druid's typical animal companion. The vermin becomes intelligent, losing the mindless nature that is one of the definitive features of the vermins and allowing it to interact with its Vermin Keeper companion as if it were a regular animal companion.
Swarm Form
An experienced Vermin Keeper can shift into a vermin swarm, which consists of a large group of tiny vermin who share a single mind.

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