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Veron Angalen is a half-orc bounty hunter, originally from Silverymoon. Unlike many half-orcs who are the result of a non-consensual union between a human female and a male orc, Veron's orcish mother and human father were married and loved each other.[1]

In 1478 DR, Veron accepted a commision to track down a supposedly mad woman named Clytemorrenestrix (Nestrix) who had killed a wizard in Cormyr. He tracked her to Waterdeep and while atttempting to apprehend her, became caught up in a plot by a Green dragon (Andareunarthex) to steal magic items that would allow him to bypass Waterdeep's dragon ward.[1]

Veron helped rescue Nestrix, who was really a Blue dragon plaguechanged into a human woman, from Andareunarthex. Later, he helped to defeat the green and drive him from Waterdeep.[1]


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