Vescaras Ammakyl was a half-elf Harper agent.[1]


Vescaras was a noble of Waterdeep. He used his position in House Ammakyl's business to run a network of spies.[1]


In 1486 DR, Vescaras discovered from one of his spies a smuggling ring trafficking gems, weapons, and people from Vaasa to Sembia. He and his fellow Khochen went on a mission to Westgate to collect clues about it. During the mission, they destroyed a caravan of shadovar trading with drow in the Dalelands.

Afterward, they went to Waterdeep to make a report to Dahl Peredur and Tam Zawad.

Later he and Khochen were choose to help, and survey, Mehen in the research of the missing Farideh, that Vescaras believed to be a shadovar agent.[1]


Vescaras had a secret sexual affair with Khochen. He disliked Dahl for flirting with his sister Jadzia Ammakyl.[1]



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