Vesryn Aelorothi was a male fey'ri sorcerer of House Aelorothi and a member of the daemonfey.[1]


Vesryn carried a magical +1 longsword, +1 elven chain, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, a potion of neutralize poison, a scroll of flashburst, a scroll of lesser ironguard, a ring of counterspells (magic missile), a wand of Melf's acid arrow, 2 waterstars (500 gp each), and a leather scroll case containing a hand-drawn map of the North.[1]


After the death of Nurthel Floshin in 1374 DR, the daemonfey leader Sarya Dlardrageth promoted Vesryn as her new spymaster, thanks to his knowledge about modern Faerun.[2]

After losing the Cormanthor War, he, alongside most of the remaining fey'ri, tried to escape inside the Waymeet but at last was killed in the fighting.[3]


Vesryn possessed gracious and courteous manners but also exquisite cruelties.[2]


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