A vhaerath was a creature created by Vhaeraun from one of his petitioners. They were used by the deity as servants on Toril.[1]


A vhaerath always looked like a drow, with the difference of having a completely black body and equipment. A common vhaerath had basic skills with weapons.[1]


Petitioners of any deity lost all of their memories and skills in life and even some of their innate abilities, like the drow's innate magical abilities.[4] Vhaeraths were different. While they didn't have the standard qualities of a petitioner of the Demonweb Pits, what they had were their memories of their lives, skills aquired over their lives and their innate abilities as drow. They also had some added abilities in stealth from Vhaeraun. They were good at hiding and sneaking, and their abilities to hide increased when they were in shadow.[1]


A vhaerath could be intentionally called with the summon monster II spell by a person who was a divine caster of Vhaeraun who had read the notes about vhaeraths in the Obsul Ssussun.[1]


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