Vhissilka was a marilith commander serving the balor lord Axithar.[2]


Vhissilka wore her hair in dull gray-brown braids. She wore a bronze cuirass and wielded two scimitars.[1]


Vhissilka was a demon commander who claimed to have once been in command of 10,000 soldiers.[3] In 1385 DR, she and her minions were engaged in the Blood War against devils in the Blood Rift. When Mystra was killed and the multiverse went awry, a "chunk" of the Blood Rift was ripped away from the main plane, trapping Vhissilka and soldiers from both sides. After Tauran, Aliisza, Kael, Kaanyr Vhok, and Zasian Menz accidentally arrived in that remnant, Vhok abandoned them and joined up with Vhissilka. Vhok and Vhissilka escaped and returned to the balor Axithar, who invaded the House of the Triad with the intelligence provided by Vhok.[2]




The Empyrean Odyssey:


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