Victor Dhostar was the second Faceless of the Night Mask until 1367 DR.[1]


Victor was a tall and handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes. He dressed well but without particular elegance. As the Faceless he wore an all-black costume with a helm of disguise that he stole from the temple of Leira during the Time of Troubles.[3]


The primary motivation of Victor was greed; he did all that's necessary in order to achieve his goals. He also killed and framed his own father for his crimes and tried to seduce Alias.[3]


Victor was born in Westgate as son of the noble family of the Dhostar; his family was so important that his father Luer Dhostar was elected Croamarkh, the informal leader of the city. But Victor want more; first he understand that he can gain more moneys with illegal means and so he entered in the Night Mask, the true power of Westgate. His avarice permitted to him to rise the ranks quickly and in the end he replaced the Faceless as leader of the guild. in 1367 he started a complex plot to find the lost treasure of the last Westgate's king Verovan; in that time his father feared by the Night Mask's activities hired the heroes Alias and Dragonbait to investigate the guild. The heroes' friend Olive Ruskettle joined the party and Victor, posing as devote son, also said wanting help the heroes. This was obviously a rush by Victor because the nature of Alias as magical construct stop all kind of magical spying. After Victor killed and framed his father as the Faceless, permitting to Alias to discovered the dead body. With his father dead Victor was quickly nominated Acting Croamarkh. As last part of his plan Victor ordered to an army of Iron golems to attack a masquerade ball where here he and all the city leaders and in the same time he discovered the key to the Verovan's treasure revealing his identity to Alias. In his mind with all councilors dead and he having found the lost treasure, Victor will be crowned king of the city; however Alias and her friends managed to defeat the golems and after followed Victor, who headed to the treasure place. Soon Victor and the heroes entered the extra dimensional space where Verovan had put his treasure. Here Victor and Alias fought to the death and the heroine finally overcome Victor, that fall to death.[2]




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