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Vierna Do'Urden
Basic Information
Home Menzoberranzan, Northdark
Gender Female
Race Drow
Patron deity Lolth
Born 1213 DR
Died 1357 DR (aged 144) (Took Drizzt's scimitar through the chest)[1]
Rules Information
Alignment Neutral evil[citation needed]
Cleric of Lolth

Vierna Do'Urden, a priestess of the Spider Queen, Lolth[2], and was charged with taking care of the young Drizzt Do'Urden.[3].


Born in 1213 DR, Vierna was the second daughter of Matron Malice, sired by Zaknafein Do'Urden and the full-blooded sister of Drizzt.[4] After 1297 DR, she reluctantly took the task given to her by her mother to educate and tend the young Drizzt during his early years serving as the page-prince of the House Do'Urden.[5] She was adopted by Matron Baenre after her house was destroyed.[citation needed] In 1357 DR, she joined forces with Jarlaxle and her half-brother Dinin, because she bore an obsession for killing Drizzt.[6] However, she was killed by Drizzt, when his scimitar plunged into her chest. In the few seconds, before she died, she left Lolth, and the part that was good was revealed.[1]


Because of the drow acceptance of harsh practices, she used violence as part of her motivation in teaching Drizzt his part as a male in drow society. However, she also used violence very sparingly and only when Drizzt did something wrong, whereas her sisters used violence for their own enjoyment. She instilled the mindset of unquestionable respect, obedience, and reverence to their Matron Mother.[5]. She showed sadness when her father, Zaknafein, was sacrificed to Lloth, and showed genuine interest when it was reported of Drizzt's whereabouts in the Underdark. When House Baenre destroyed House Do'Urden, Vierna was the only female survivor and was absorbed in the former's house. It is speculated that she embraced Lloth's teachings because she had nothing else, and perhaps if she had gone with Drizzt earlier in life, she might have turned out different. Indeed, in her final fight with Drizzt, he begged her to forsake Lloth and join him, imploring that she could be good and honor their father in doing so. She did forsake Lloth upon her death, though nothing is known about the fate of her spirit.[citation needed]





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