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Vierna Do'Urden
Basic Information
Home Menzoberranzan, Northdark
Gender Female
Race Drow
Patron deity Lolth
Born 1213 DR
Died 1357 DR (aged 144) (Took Drizzt's scimitar through the chest)[1]
Rules Information
Alignment Neutral evil[citation needed]
Cleric of Lolth

Vierna Do'Urden, a priestess of the Spider Queen, Lolth[2], and was charged with taking care of the young Drizzt Do'Urden.[3].


Born in 1213 DR, Vierna was the second daughter of Matron Malice, sired by Zaknafein Do'Urden and the full-blooded sister of Drizzt.[4] After 1297 DR, she reluctantly took the task given to her by her mother to educate and tend the young Drizzt during his early years serving as the page-prince of the House Do'Urden.[5] She was adopted by Matron Baenre after her house was destroyed.[citation needed] In 1357 DR, she joined forces with Jarlaxle and her half-brother Dinin, because she bore an obsession for killing Drizzt.[6] However, she was killed by Drizzt, when his scimitar plunged into her chest. In the few seconds, before she died, she left Lolth, and the part that was good was revealed.[1]


Because of the drow acceptance of harsh practices, she used violence as part of her motivation in teaching Drizzt his part as a male in drow society. She instilled the mindset of unquestionable respect, obedience, and reverence to their Matron Mother.[5].





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