Vindicator was Helm's bastard sword.


The sword glowed with silvery flame and had the symbol of Helm on its hilt. Anyone unworthy of wielding the sword felt a burning sensation when they grasped it.


Vindicator was given to Gedrin Shadowbane after he had a vision of Helm's death at the hand of Tyr. Many years later, Gedrin gave the sword to Kalen Dren who carried the sword as of 1479 DR.[1] In 1480 DR, Kalen no longer felt worthy of the sword and gave it to a young paladin named Rhetegast Hawkwinter (Rhett) although the two passed the sword back and forth.[2]

In 1480 DR Rhett took Vindicator to Westgate but the sword was returned to Kalen in pieces by Lilten although Kalen was able to reassemble the sword using divine power. Fearing Rhett dead, Kalen journeyed to Westgate to find answers. In Westgate Kalen found a third wielder, his first apprentice Vaelis, whom Kalen had thought dead.[3]

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