Visil'Taphenos Meadswimmer was a renegade aboleth savant from Llurth Dreir living in Sloopdilmonpolop in 1370 DR.[1]


Born in Llurth Dreir, Visil'Taphenos descended from a line of aboleths specializing in dwarven lore. Very early on, it displayed the exceptional mental skills needed to become an aboleth savant.

As a savant, it became interested in the idea of combining complex aboleth symbols with dwarven rune lore. Thus it sought out and consumed one of the few remaining dwarven runemasters, a High Old One of Dumathoin. Visil'Taphenos absorbed the knowledge, but also acquired many aspects of the victims' personality into itself. Understanding that it couldn't go back to its home, it chose to live as an exile in Sloopdilmonpolop. There, it became one of the most preeminent sages of the Underdark.[1]


Visil'Taphenos, ignored by the kuo-toa, exchanged its knowledge for dwarven lore or artifacts with individuals of all races. Its fields of expertise included dwarven architecture, genealogy, and languages and dialects, the history of Shanatar, and geology and mycology.[1]



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