Creature dracolich


Vix'thra was a dracolich who allied with the Valsharess during her campaign to conquer the Underdark.

Vix'thra established a cult devoted to his worship, under the leadership of a vampire priest named Sodalis. This cult was based in an Underdark village called Drearing's Deep, where freed slaves came to seek refuge. In exchange for the cult's protection, the villagers were required to offer members of their community to the cult as sacrifices. Sodalis and his vampire cultists would then feast on the flesh and blood of the sacrificial victim, while the bones would be delivered to Vix'thra to be reanimated as an undead servant.

During the Silence of Lolth, the Valsharess began a campaign to declare herself the supreme ruler of the Underdark. Vix'thra entered into an alliance with her, sending undead and bone golems to bolster her army. A great adventurer, seeking ways to weaken Valsharess, travelled to Drearing's Deep and infiltrated the cult. In the deepest chamber of Vix'thra's temple, The adventurer fought Vix'thra, destroyed him and shattered his phylactery, freeing Drearing's Deep from his tyranny and depriving the Valsharess of her undead troops.