Vlaakith CLVII, also known as the Lich Queen, is the current ruler of the githyanki race. Vlaakith is the name of several rulers of the githyanki race after the disappearance of Gith, the rebel leader that united them against the illithid. The original holder, Vlaakith I helped seal the pact between the red dragons and the githyanki. All subsequent queens of the githyanki have been named after her. The last queen of the githyanki, Vlaakith CLVII, died after ascending the throne without giving birth to an heir, but returned as a lich. Vlaakith has ruled the githyanki for over a thousand years. Her home, the Castle Susurrus, is in the githyanki capital city, Tu'narath, which is built on the god-isle of a deceased power known only as "The One in the Void".