The Voice of the Great Lion was a magical item that could be found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


This item looked like a crinkled old scroll bound with a faded golden cord. Anyone unrolling the scroll without caution risked destroying it. The surface of the scroll was covered with intricate script written in an ancient dialect of Midani.[1]

The first few lines of the scroll read: "Let be known to all the decision of the Great Lion, Worthy of the Gods, Confidant of Genies, He who sits on the Enlightened Throne, for he decrees Krak al-___ and the lands accorded it by custom be awarded to the bearer. Let he of the court who contests this judgment read and hear the proof of the Great Lion from our master's own lips."[1]


When the magical script was read aloud, an image of the First Caliph appeared and repeated the judgement written above. After reading, the image remained for one hour and behaved just like the real First Caliph.[1]

The fortress was a stronghold on the al-Sabaya river that flowed to Gana. The size of the stronghold and surrounding land was left vague.[1]

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