Volar was a storm giant hero of history in Serôs.[1]


Born in 780 DR, Volar emerged as a great storm giant chieftain living among the mountains that were renamed in his honor, and all people in Seros knew about his battles against the sahuagin king Kromes and Xisar the Blue Kraken.

At one point, he met Elminster Aumar during a trip to meet the Simbul, and El was impressed by the giant.

In 1304 DR, Volar confronted the kraken Xisar for the last time. Both were never seen again and Volar was presumed dead.[1]


Volar cared for the small folks of Serôs as an uncle looked upon by favored nephews, helping them to mature but never guiding them. He protected them against all the darkest menaces.[1]


Volar considered all people that he met in peace to be his friends. He was a great friend of Hmur.[1]



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