Volo's Guide to All Things Magical is one in a series of guides written by famed explorer and raconteur Volothamp Geddarm (under the editorial control of Elminster of Shadowdale).

For aeons, folk have struggled to master the world of Toril through the use of magic. The human race has stolen what magical knowledge it can from the elves and other races, gained more through worship, and created the rest by building on the work of those who have gone before. For centuries, human wizards have experimented with new spells and variations on existing magic, striving to grow ever more powerful. They have succeeded to an astonishing degree, but through the death of secretive mages and the destruction of realms and entire peoples, much of the lore they built has been lost, hidden, or distorted. To pierce this heavy cloak of missing knowledge, cryptic sorcerous codes, and misinformation requires a writer of rare daring, persistence, and magical skill. Such a man is Volothamp Geddarm, famous traveler of the Realms – and this is his most important, long-suppressed work, the book that archwizards could not keep from your hands!

Read this 128-page tome, and learn:

  • How mages gain special powers for themselves – including the awesome ability known as spellfire.
  • How items may be enchanted to fire forth magic once, twice, or whenever called upon.
  • The best materials from which to construct magical items.
  • Powerful spells that have hitherto been the secrets of the most puissant archmages.
  • Details of many of the fell, awesome artifacts of the Realms know to exist.
  • Lore about teleportation, magical wards, guardian spells, and sites of power.
  • Much, much more that most wizards would have liked to remain hidden from the eyes of their rivals—and common folk not skilled in magic—forever!

Suitable for all levels of play.

SPECIAL NOTE: This edition of Volo's Guide to All Things Magical, intended for travelers from beyond the borders of Faerûn, has been heavily rewritten and contains game notes and commentary by the famous sage and archmage Elminster of Shadowdale.


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