Volodni were sentient plant creatures native to the cold forests of Northeast Faerûn.


Circa -150 DR, a group of Nar refugees fled from the effects of the Great Conflagration into a nearby ancient forest. Inside they were met by a powerful entity associated with that forest - an elder treant or perhaps, Silvanus himself - who gave them an ultimatum. They would forever have to give up their demon-binding ways and accept the blood of the forest as their own or they would be ejected from the wood.

The Nar lord leading those men and women agreed immediately, fearing what would happen should they be forced back into the open and so he and his followers were transformed into the first volodni, walking humanoid pine trees[1]. Since then though they were doomed to watch the erosion of their forest homes due to humanoid woodcutters. Some of these plant men became very hostile towards their flesh and blood cousins as a result.


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