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Vorasaegha was an ancient guardian dragon living in Gray Forest in Impiltur during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[2]


Vorasaegha was a female bronze dragon in past ages prior to her death. Her spirit however continued to wander the forest she loved.

In 1373 DR, in a desperate effort to destroy a Cult of the Dragon hideout hidden in the Gray Forest, the avariel Taegan Nightwind, leader of the remaining Impilturan troops, and the faerie dragon Jivex evoked Vorasaegha, who incarnated herself in a bronze dragon. In that form, she attacked the cultists and entered into combat with the green dragon dracolich leader. The dracolich eventually found a way to expel the guardian spirit. However, the significant damage that the bronze dragon had inflicted allowed Taegan, Jivex, and the Impilturans to destroy the evil creature.[2]




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