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The Vordrorn Forest was a small forest at the base of the Ice Mountains, north of the fork. It was sometimes referred to as the Ghostwood, owing to the large number of incorporeal undead that seemed bound to it. Nearby areas of interest included Adbar Road, Ascore, and Fork Road.[1]


As of around 1372 DR, the forest was seldom explored, and it was usually shrouded in chilly mist. The forest lay on top of caverns and dungeons dating back to ancient Illusk. At one time, a cult of sorcerers, death-priests, and warriors practiced evil rituals in the forest, leaving behind black stone towers and crypts, protected by curses and magical wards.[1]

As of 1372 DR, at least one doomsphere (a ghostly beholder) was known to inhabit this area. It was also inhabited by ghosts, spectres, and wraiths.[1]


The Vordrorn Forest was mainly pine trees and muskeg bogs.[1]



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