Vorgansharax was an adult green dragon during the time of Tyranny of Dragons.


Vorgansharax was a massive dragon whose ego surpassed his size. Despite an old injury, Vorgansharax was an imposing figure. He was stronger and larger than other dragons of his age. Because of the injury, Vorgansharax was not a graceful flyer but compensensated for this by being a terrible adversary on ground.


Vorgansharax was the offspring of the ancient green dragon Claugiyliamatar, who ruled Kryptgarden Forest far to the west. When he was a wyrmling he was greatly injured in a fight with a bronze dragon, resulting in a tattered and maimed right wing.

During the Tyranny of Dragons, Claugiyliamatar, angered by incursions into her forest, lent Vorgansharax's aid to the Cult of the Dragon. In 1489 DR, the Cult sent him in to Phlan to secure the Pool of Radiance and return it to its former power in exchange for Vorgansharax's rule.[2] He managed to conquer the city killing most of the city's leaders at the Valjevo Castle[3] He ruled until 1492 DR. However he had be subtly possess by Tyranthraxus.[4] Around that year an army led by Jhessail Greycastle reclaimed Phlan and some adventurers fought and killed the Maimed Virulence.[5]


Vorgansharax was totally smug, with an immense ego. He spoke always with sarcasm and contempt.[4]



Tyranny in Phlan Reclamation of Phlan


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