Vournoth was a lich that laired in a stagnant intersection in the Deep Wastes that became known as Vournoth's Mire.[1]


Vournoth had become well-known enough in the vicinity of Maerimydra that the lich's name was attributed to the mire it resided in.[1]


The powers and abilities of a lich, like Vournoth, meant the creature was highly resistant to ordinary attacks and could paralyze foes with but a touch. Vournoth was considered dangerous enough by the drow of Maerimydra that they sent a champion out to face the lich.[1]


A notable lich, Vournoth at one time had a phylactery that allowed the lich to reform after defeat.[1]


At some point, Vournoth managed to master the necromantic art of lichdom and took up residence in a mire roughly 40 miles (64.3 km) from the drow city of Maerimydra in the Deep Wastes.[2] Although many creatures had laired in the mire over the years, Vournoth's reputation eventually spread to such a degree that the fetid intersection became known as Vournoth's Mire.

However, in 800 DR, the expansion of Maerimydra's influence in the wake of the Weeping War, coupled with the threat of a lich so close to their city, prompted the drow to send a champion to hunt down Vournoth. The drow champion managed to drive the lich from its lair and paved the way for the founding of Szith Morcane in 804 DR, and the lair itself was turned into an outpost.[1]

By 1372 DR, Vournoth's reputation had diminished to the point that the mire was simply known as "Lich's Mire" among the Maerimydran drow.[3]




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