Vournoth's Mire was an area in the Deep Wastes between Szith Morcane and Maerimydra that had been the lair for numerous creatures over the years.[3]


Situated along the natural tunnels that connect the city of Maerimydra with the outpost of Szith Morcane, it was 40 miles north from Maerimydra itself and 50 miles from the Wailing Cliff.[2] The mire was distinguished by an underground river that formed a narrow gully through the cavern and, over the years, had formed two stagnant lakes within the caves. This river eventually fed into the enormous Lake of Shadows to the west.[3]


Although many creatures had laired in the mire, the area earned its name from a lich called Vournoth who was perhaps its most notable inhabitant. In 800 DR, a drow champion from the city of Maerimydra eventually tracked down Vournoth and allowed for the establishment of a drow outpost of Szith Morcane in 804 DR.[3]

Over the next 100 years the drow used Vournoth's Mire as a well-patrolled campsite. However, the Maerimydra drow's hold on the surface area known as the Land under Shadow was crippled in 906 DR when they were driven from the Twisted Tower by the wizard Ashaba. This caused traffic to Maerimydra to atrophy and eventually the site of Vournoth's mire was overrun by other creatures.[3]

By 1372 DR, Vournoth's Mire was home to an unusual pair, a beholder named Sekrr and an illithid sorcerer called Quthnorak. During the Silence of Lolth, when the city of Maerimydra fell to the hordes of Kurgoth Hellspawn, refugees from the burning metropolis had to make their way through the mire and lost half a dozen of their number in the process.[3]



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