The Vudlur was one of the watercourses of the Esmelflow in Amn.[1]


This creek began at a spring in the western Snakewood. It joined with the Golden Creek before flowing into the Splendarrllur.[1] The Axe Bridge spanned its waters.[1][note 1]


The creek was named by the dwarves; vudlur means "woods stream" in Dwarvish.[1]



  1. There is some confusion in the sources as to which dwarven bridge, either the Axe Bridge or the Star Bridge, crosses the Vudlur and to which spans the Splendarrllur. Lands of Intrigue: Book 2: Amn, on page 38, claims that the Axe Bridge crosses the Vudlur, yet it makes no mention of the Star Bridge. Page 43, on the other hand calls the Star Bridge the western bridge and the Axe Bridge the eastern bridge. If this were true, the Axe Bridge would cross the Splendarrllur and the Star Bridge would cross the Vudlur. The map included with the Lands of Intrigue box set shows this latter arrangement.


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