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Vuhm Yestral was a commander of Hillsfar's Red Plumes.[1]


Vuhm, despite being loud and opinionated, was kind and very devoted to the citizens of Hillsfar. He had no problems with nonhumans going to the city to trade.[1]


Vuhm was the Red Plumes' leader in Hillsfar. During the Rage of Demons[as of when?], after many drow raids near the city, he led a Red Plume contingent to the Waydown, a recently formed sinkhole that the drow emerged from, in order to secure the location and stop the raids. He noted that the drow attacked in sunlight and were desperate individuals.[1]

Later for his few zeal in enforcing the Great Law of Humanity Vuhm was relocated to Yûlash.[2]


Vuhm was a member of the Lords' Alliance.[1]




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