Vyqinak was an ixitxachitl vampire[note 1] known as the Count of the Depths in the court of the Night King in Westgate as of the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


As Count of the Depths, Vyqinak was the junior Night Master in charge of all smuggling in the Westgate harbor. He was also responsible for reports on shipping activity on the Dragon Coast. He was tasked by the Night King to seek out the wreck of the Sapphire of Enki, an Untheric sailing vessel believed to have been carrying a powerful magic tome titled Songs of Sea Serpents, written by Nezram "Worldwalker". Vyqinak concentrated his search on the area between Westgate and Sembia, a sea bed covered in thick silt known as the Haunted Plains.[1]


Vyqinak answered to the Duke of Shadows, Tebryn Dhialael, whose portfolio included all smuggling and thieving activity perpetrated by the Night Masks.[2] In turn, Vyqinak's servents included a pack of lesser seawolves that worked on the docks and as hands on ships that regularly returned to Westgate.[1]

Vyqinak recruited Hrarnok Sharkchum as an assassin after discovering he was a seawolf whose shapechanging ability made an excellent cover.[3]


Vyqinak was originally a mid-level priest (known as a vitan) of Ilxendren, living in the Xedran Reefs, until the start of the Twelfth Serôs War in the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR. He fled the conflict in shame, abandoning his people and his faith to take up the worship of Demogorgon, an ancient deity of ixitxachitls[4] that predated Ilxendren. He was drawn to the harbor of Westgate in 1370 DR where he encountered Orlak II (a.k.a. Orbakh, a Manshoon clone turned undead[5]), the Night King, who turned him into a vampire (which was a very high status in ixitxachitl culture) and installed him as a Count in the Court.[1]



  1. A "vampiric ixitxachitl" was not the same as an ixitxachitl vampire. While both had the energy drain ability and some other shared traits, the former was not undead. See Monster Manual II, page 129.


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