Vzoun Dakker was a smuggler in Archendale in 1370 DR.[1]


Vzoun had tried to become a powerful Zhentarim agent and a Sembian lord but was frustrated on both occasions. So he devoted himself to ruining Sembians and Zhents in the area.[1]


Vzoun owned the Darkwater Brand, his family's merchant coster that operated in Archenbridge, Ordulin, and Hillsfar. Under cover of trading fresh produce and ore for metalworks from Glister, Thentia, and Melvaunt, Vzoun ran a smuggling ring and a small slaving trade. His slaving operations specialized in enslaving the offspring of rich Sembian merchants and revealed Zhentarim agents.[1]


A frustrated and paranoid man, Vzoun saw spies everywhere. and was scared of wizards. He was extremely careful when acting in Archendale in order to protect his family's reputation.[1]


Vzoun was the head of the Dakker family, one of the oldest and most respected families of Archendale.[1]



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