Wai Locunni Eio was the mother of the emperor of T'u Lung.[1]


At 72 years of age, Wai Locunni had iron gray hair yet still had a straight back. She was sophisticated, strict, and prim and proper in her ways, and ruthless in dealing with those who failed her or stood against her.[1]


Wai Locuuni Eio was secluded in Dakarazu Palace in Wai. She remained close to the imperial court and quietly influenced affairs, insisting that all procedures and ceremonies be conducted in the proper ways. Locunni was the only person able to made demands of the Emperor and see them met. Rumors said that she always carried a dagger dipped in the poison of the yankara root, which could inflict instant fiery pains, to use against her opponents.[1]


In her youth, Locunni Eio was very beautiful. One day, Ku He Long prophesied that Locunni Eio would live until her son had lived for 60 summers. By 1357 DR, she still had many years to go before this prophecy could be fulfilled.[1]



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